Luxury Clothes Renewal Stream

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Our Story

KK-Aurora is a recycling platform for textile waste, users can send photos of the clothings they want to dispose of and get a valuation from our platform, if the users are satisfied with the valuation, they can send their clothes in for a detailed price valuation and receive payment. 

Est. 2021        Wardrobe Clean-out Service       Recycling       

On the other hand, we evaluate based on the clothing items’ repairability, condition, and branding. Large name brand clothes that are repairable will be resold as second-hand clothes, while lower value clothing items or those in worse condition will be extracted into raw materials.

About Founder

Mini is a manager for KK Aurora in China, her main responsibilities is to manage close to 800 employees, maintain quality control in the factories, as well as reaching out to existing and potential clients for future cooperation opportunities and maintaining relationships. She has been in the textile industry for the past 20 years and is an expert in raw material sourcing, production and second hand clothing repairing. KK Aurora started second hand clothing repair and selling back in China due to her expertise in which she managed to create a serious revenue stream for the company.

Luxury Clothes Recycling Stream

KK-Aurora has a strong base in Hong Kong and China with the already established business model of raw material production as well as recycling second-hand clothing items and revenue streams, as well as plenty of overseas client connections, gives us an edge when it comes to producing raw materials for clothing items as well as recycling them for raw materials or repairing them for resell.