Wardrobe Clean-out Service

Clothing recycling details

KK-AURORA understands that many people stock up on clothes they no longer wear in their homes and don’t know how to deal with them. We now provide clothing recycling services, put them in our online store, or upgrade them into other useful items to continue their lives. Part of the proceeds will be donated to local community organizations.

Unlike other textile waste recycle platform, KK-Aurora has a strong base in Hong Kong and China with already established business model of raw material production as well as recycling second hand clothing items and revenue streams, our resources in Hong Kong and China as well as plenty of overseas client connections gives us an edge when it comes to producing raw materials for clothing items as well as recycling them for raw materials or repairing them for resell. 

Please read carefully the procedures and guidelines for clothing recycling.


  • Clean and in good condition clothing, bags, hats, accessories, shoes are all acceptable.

Not accept:

  • Underwear, leggings, neck scarf, socks

Uncirculated clothing will be upcycled into other useful items, extending its life.