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The growth of the Repairing Movement

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In a nutshell, “sustainable” implies “less worse”: new products manufactured from materials that are less harmful to the environment than they might have been. The issue at the foundation of fashion’s reluctant paradigm shift is that, whether you call it “sustainable” or not, the production of entertaining but pointless new things that people want is becoming increasingly unattractive.
The repairing movement has become popular within this generation, it begins with that one favourite item that we are reluctant to let go of, whether they hold a financial, functional or emotional value, we fall into a dilemma even if it is ragged.

As customers invested everything to send their special items for restoration, lots of companies these days offer ‘invisible’ mending, with the aim of making the purchase look as perfect as new. Such movement not only uphold this generation to be more sustainable but also allows us to prolong the lifespan of our favourite luxurious items. And most of us believe that it makes our expensive clothing more cost-effective.

Knowing the benefits and trends of repairing, luxury brands like Burberry, Fendi and LVMH are increasing their internal focus on repair as part of their long-term sustainability objectives as well, it is starting to see repairs as an avenue to increase consumer loyalty and engagement.
Acknowledging such growth of repairing movement, what would you do if your favourite luxurious item is ripped, would you choose to keep it, toss or try to repair it? If you’re worried that repairing your clothes might seem stingy, old-fashioned or out-of-fashion, KK Aurora offers an online repair clinic with the best retailers and designers in the city, hoping that our customers to fall in love with their favourites all over again.

Retailers and designers are now offering services that repair and restore items to customers bought from high-end luxury brands, and to make such catering services as accessible as possible for consumers, from an at-home collection to delivery service. KK Aurora offers a luxurious repairing service at your fingertips.

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